Invalidenpark : Berlin

Invalidenpark : Berlin

On your own at the Invalidenpark in Berlin.

“The 2.5-hectare Invaliden Park is in Mitte on Invalidenstrasse between Scharnhorststrasse and Schwarzer Weg. It was completely rebuilt in 1992 and 1998 as a prestigious urban square and is surrounded by two federal government ministries, university clinics and the Naturkundemuseum (Berlin natural history museum).

The original Invaliden Park was built in 1843. At that time the park was dominated by the Invalidensäule (Invaliden column), erected in memory of soldiers killed in wars during the 19th century. In 1895 the Gnadenkirche church was also built here. During the Second World War the park was destroyed and the Gnadenkirche seriously damaged. In 1948 the Invalidensäule was demolished. Until its redevelopment in the 1990s, the park languished as an unused green space in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

French landscape architect Christophe Girot, who created a new design for the site, based his plans on the Invaliden Park’s history. Its most distinctive structure is a walk-in sculpture standing in a pool of water commemorating the demolished Gnadenkirche and the Berlin Wall. The old trees on the park’s northern side were retained. Spacious lawns merge into granite paving on the southern side.” (source)

Erwin van Leeuwen

I am Erwin van Leeuwen, amateur streetphotographer from Berlin.
#teamfuji ;)

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